Aborted babies for vaccine development?

Aborted babies for vaccine development?

Dr Plotkin testifies under oath.

Dr Stanley Plotkin, an American physician also known as the “Godfather of Vaccines”, has been involved in the development of several vaccines during his long career, against rubella, rabies, rotavirus, varicella, anthrax and cytomegalovirus (CMV). In this testimony, he admits that 76 fetuses were taken in a single study during the development of these vaccines. He confirms in his testimony that in these experiments, tissue was taken from the pituitary gland, lungs, skin, kidney, spleen, heart and other body parts of these healthy babies who had been aborted at more than three months of age.

The final product – the vaccine – contains DNA fragments from this tissue that cannot be filtered out. It is not yet clear whether injecting these foreign, human DNA fragments could have unintended consequences, but research conducted by the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (https://soundchoice.org) suggests that it can and does.

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